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A guardianship should be in your estate plan for your minor children

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Estate Planning

One thing that you’ve realized over time is that having a family has changed you. While you used to think that planning for the future wasn’t important, you now realize that it is more important than ever. If you aren’t there to take care of your children, who will be? If you can’t provide them with the support they need, who will be there to fulfill that role?

These are serious questions, and they are questions that you need to have answers to. If you are involved in a crash or have a sudden accident or medical emergency, you may not have time to put together an estate plan or guardianship for your children. The time to do it is now, while you’re safe and healthy.

Naming a guardian is a part of estate planning

If you have a minor child or you have minor children, it’s important to name a guardian who can care for them if you and your spouse pass away. If both parents pass away before a child becomes an adult, there is the risk that they may be passed on to a family member that you don’t care for or even taken into foster care. That’s not something you want, so that’s why it’s essential to name a guardian.

How can you choose the right guardian for your children?

It is up to you to decide who you’d like to watch your children if you pass away. You may choose their godparents, a sister or brother, your aunts or uncles, or others in your family. You can appoint a family friend or a colleague that you trust.

When you decide on a guardian, make sure that you let them know what you’re thinking and that they’re in agreement. It’s a smart choice to name more than one guardian, just in case something happens to the original guardian that you wanted to appoint or they cannot take on the responsibility when you pass away.

Add a letter to your estate plan to explain your choice. You don’t have to, but this can be beneficial for the court if there are questions about your decision and the guardians you appointed.