Life Estates

You've Earned the Right to Stay in Your Own Home

As people retire and age, concerns about staying in their family home can become a major worry. Losing a home and other assets to the government because of Medicaid expenses and the costs of long-term care is a cruel result that can be avoided.

If you are a senior citizen or an adult child of an elderly parent, it may be time to talk to an experienced attorney about a life estate plan. A life estate plan allows you to legally transfer real estate out of a senior's control while allowing them to live in their homes for the remainder of their lives. In the event of high Medicaid or Medicare expenses, the house cannot be seized by the government for payment.

A Life Estate Plan Lets You Protect Your Assets from Medicaid Costs

Lyons & Supple has been helping senior citizens remain in their homes and protect their financial future for more than three decades. We understand the needs and concerns that clients have about losing their home to the state or federal government.

"We practice asset protection with integrity. There is nothing illegal or shady about protecting your future by passing your money and property to your children now. We look for creative solutions to help people stay in their homes. We offer personalized, friendly services and will clearly explain the process when we meet." — Attorney Greg Supple

Principle attorney Gregory D. Supple offers our clients professional, customized estate planning services. We believe that clients deserve to know that their attorney cares about finding the right solution, the first time. We have served clients throughout the Wappingers Falls, New York, region for more than 30 years. We know how important our senior citizens are to our community.

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