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Business Succession Planning: Protect Your Future

“I know how important your business is to your family’s future. We’re business owners, too. My family has been operating a successful law practice for more than 30 years. We understand your needs and concerns.” — Attorney Greg Supple

Will your family small business be in the right hands after you retire or die? Successful business owners know how important it is to keep their business in the right hands after retirement. Sure, your business may have an organization chart of managers and executives, but that doesn’t mean ownership will automatically pass to the right people.

At the law offices of Lyons & Supple in Wappingers Falls, we are ready to help you legally ensure that your business will be passed on to the people you want in control when you are out of the picture. We offer the following types of legal services relating to business succession planning and business asset protection:

Custom Business Succession Plans To Fit Your Needs

Our firm knows that every privately held business is unique. We will take the time to discuss your long-term objectives and determine how your business success plan fits into your total life estate plan. Then, we will create a unique business succession plan that encompasses every important legal detail.

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