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Planning For Incapacity

Who makes important decisions about your medical treatment if you are no longer able to? You can, if you plan ahead and establish a living will and a health care proxy. This will take the burden of making serious health care decisions off of your family members, because you have made those decisions already. The law firm of Lyons & Supple can help. With more than 30 years of experience on our side, we know how to help design a plan that makes sense for you.

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Living Wills

Living wills are designed specifically to outline plans as to whether life support should or should not continue in the event of a coma or brain death. Thankfully, these documents are rarely used. That doesn’t mean they are not important. In these extreme situations, living wills can prevent years of feuding between family members about the decisions that should be made.

Health Care Proxies

While a living will can only address the issue of life support continuation, a health care proxy can be designed to address the countless other medical issues that may arise in the event of medical or physical incapacity. Health care proxies can address whether you would like to remain at home or be moved to a nursing facility. It can grant rights to loved ones enabling them to review your medical records, which would otherwise have to remain private.

We can help you determine if a living will or health care proxy is right for you. Our personal attention means that the guidance we provide is tailored specifically to your needs. We will only recommend estate planning tools that make sense for your situation.

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