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Using a Revocable Trust To Avoid Probate

Our law firm provides estate planning services, including the creation of revocable living trusts, to people in Wappingers Falls and Dutchess County, New York.

Revocable trusts serve a number of purposes; one key purpose being a way to avoid the unpredictable process of probate. While probate can be fairly simple, even in the best-case scenario it requires an investment of time and money.

The unfortunate reality is that for many people, problems can develop quickly during the probate process. For example, if someone comes forward to contest the will, the process slows to a crawl as the state examines the validity of the claim. This also happens when documents and records cannot be located. Any number of issues can turn probate into a costly, stressful and time-consuming ordeal. The creation of a revocable trust can help you avoid all that.

Is A Revocable Trust Right For You?

If your goal is to avoid probate, a revocable trust is a good solution. Before we recommend this to you, we will take the time the time to review your assets and goals to make sure that a revocable trust is right for you. Our services are always customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

Learn More About Revocable Trusts

Email us or call us at 866-587-0982 to discuss these important estate planning tools with a dedicated attorney.