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Why Do You Need A Will?

Many people think that when a person dies without a legal will, the assets go to the state of New York. That isn’t true. Under current New York law, if a person dies without a will, all property and financial assets go to the surviving spouse or immediate family members. Probate courts must often decide how specific assets will be distributed. Individual beneficiaries and others who claim a legitimate right should enlist the services of a probate litigation attorney to argue for their financial interests.

An up-to-date will is the only legal instrument that will carry out your precise wishes for the distribution of your estate assets upon your death. Lyons & Supple has been meeting the estate planning needs of individuals and families in Wappingers Falls and throughout New York’s Hudson River Valley region for more than 30 years.

We offer legal advice and representation in all legal areas relating to probate law, including:

We invite you to get the facts about probate law and protecting your family’s assets in probate court when no will is in place. Talk to a lawyer at Lyons & Supple today. We offer a complete line of personalized services to meet your specific estate planning and probate needs.

Start The Process Of Making A Will

Has a person in your family died without a will? Do you need to draft a will or change the conditions of an existing will or trust? Contact us to discuss the specifics of your circumstances. Call us at 845-236-5085 or send us an email.